It's time again for some edge Rails love. If you haven't listened to it yet, be sure to check out this week's Rails Envy podcast

This week’s report covers changes from 17 Mar 2008 to 23 Mar 2008 (the day the corresponding Rails Envy podcast was recorded).

script/plugin install works for Git repositories

Yup you can now install plugins from Git repositories simply by running:

script/plugin install git://

What this really does is to clone a git repository (sans the entire git history by passing the —depth 1 option) into your plugins directory. If you're looking for a Piston-like way to manage external Git repositories though, you'd still be better off with the development version of Piston (François Beausoleil, is posting frequently on his progress with adding Git support).

Credit goes to Jack Danger, a long-time Rails contributor for this patch.

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has_one :through

It's been a long time coming - now you can do has_one :through (like has_many :through) for your join models. Ryan Daigle has example code on how to use it if you're curious (though really, it's just like has_many).

Credit goes to the Art of Mission guys and Chris O'Sullivan for pulling it all together.

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rake tasks time:zones:all, time:zones:us and time:zones:local

Some timezone-related rake tasks have been added to list the names of time zones recognized by the TimeZone class for the config.time_zone option you can put in your environment.rb. For example

rake time:zones:local

* UTC +08:00 *
Hong Kong
Kuala Lumpur
Ulaan Bataar

Credit: Geoff Buesing (core team member)

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#number_to_currency helper now supports a :format option

Now you can do something like:

number_to_currency(123.50, :unit => "£", :format => "%n %u") 
# => 123.50 £

Instead of being stuck with the {currency_code} {amount} format which doesn't work in some locales (such as "42 pounds").

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