My fellow Rubyist at work, Arun Thampi, has released ActiveCouch, a Ruby library for CouchDB (if you don't know what CouchDB is, read this). Check out the official blog announcement of ActiveCouch.

ActiveCouch tries to be an ActiveResource and ActiveRecord (yes, there is even an ActiveCouch::Migration class for creating CouchDB views) equivalent for representing CouchDB documents in Ruby. I wish I could write some coherent code examples here but I am not that up to date with the latest changes in ActiveCouch (despite my name being tagged as a committer to ActiveCouch, it is largely Arun's awesome little baby).

Never fear though, since Arun and I are chowing down our own dog food - we're currently porting several gigabytes worth of hotel data from our hacked together XML and Ferret-based library to use the ActiveCouch library. I'm sure we'll get a more coherent API after this exercise, since we are no longer relying on specs and mocks, but working on a Real Application.

If you decide to try out ActiveCouch, do let us know of any feedback or bug reports at the ActiveCouch Google Code site. ActiveCouch is Open Source, so if you've patches that's even better!