Got an email not too long ago from Working With Rails (my profile) entitled "WWR September Hackfest Winner - Congrats!", and almost deleted it thinking it was spam. I read it in the end (after all, how often do you see spam with "Rails" in the subject title), and turns out that my recent patches to Rails pushed me up to 6th position in the September Rails contributors rankings.

Rails Hackfest September 2007 winners

I vaguely remember seeing Rails Hackfest mentioned somewhere but only just realized it's a "contest" run monthly. The winners are the top 10 contributors to Rails (contribution being determined by the number of accepted patches, docfixes, and even comments). That's really nice of the sponsors and Working With Rails, since that wasn't really what I'd expected in return for contributing to an Open Source project (that would be a sense of satisfaction, personally-speaking).

I'm just really glad that the JSON patches went into Rails before Rails 2.0 and it is satisfying to see my code get into Rails (I'll blog about the patches in a separate post). There's still some more work needed though - please help to verify and give suggestions or +1s ;).