After 5 long years of using the same old blog theme, which I'd handcrafted from scratch way back in 2004, I've finally got down to refreshing it to a more contemporary look. I've also updated the woefully outdated About page.

Here's a before and after shot:

Blog theme - before and after

I think it's much better, definitely more modern and minimalist.

The new blog theme is basically a heavily modified version of the
wonderful and free Compositio WordPress theme -
you can check out a demo of Compositio here to see how different it is.

The only thing I kept from my old theme, which I affectionately called "Clover", was the same clover logo. I did that with the shape tool in Photoshop - it's a simple logo and no skill was required to create it, obviously!

If you're reading this in a feed reader or one of those aggreggator-type sites, you can help me out by checking out the blog itself and giving me some good old constructive criticism.