Something I noticed completely by accident today when I clicked on the titlebar of QuickTime Player today with the Cmd key held down. The "titlebar" is this thing here - I'm not sure that's the right name for it:

Anyway, if you hold down the Cmd key (aka the Apple key), a menu pops up that shows the folder hierarchy of where the currently opened QuickTime movie is in your filesystem:

This works in all Mac apps that display the filename of the currently open/focused file in the titlebar.

It's useful for me since my NADD means I try to close as many unused windows as possible to adhere to my Cmd-Tab diet - now I can close Finder windows after opening files and be sure that I can get back to them quickly. What about QuickSilver? Yup, I do use (and love) QuickSilver but I don't let it catalog every single file!

Another nice thing about this is that I can easily reveal files in Finder in my favorite text editor (TextMate) without needing to use the project drawer: